FLORENCIA MAZZA RAMSAY, Argentinian-born photographer and retoucher whose commercial credits include Playboy Spain, Mercedes-Benz (Argentina) and Porsche (Argentina), has a trademark way of capturing the sexiest images in the unlikeliest of places. Florencia brings a fresh and seductive look to the current landscape of fashion photography. Armed with a professional attitude and strong work ethic, Mazza Ramsay is sure to make her mark in every project she participates in. Her work is proven to captivate the hearts and minds of not only the most discerning critics but the general public, as well.
JUXTAPOZ Magazine says of her portfolio,
“…(It) exposes all of the lust and appeal that would be expected from South America. With experience in all types of high fashion, luxury and provocative shoots Florencia’s work speaks for itself.” Including her as a featured artist, The WallBreakers blog posts Florencia has the “…ability to capture both the curves and sharp angles of a woman’s body. A quick glance through, and you can see that she’s equally as adept at capturing human emotion through facial expressions.”
Florencia is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina, working on freelance photographic projects and as full time Creative Director.
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